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    The TOEIC® Program

    The Global Leader in English-language Assessment for the Workplace

    The TOEIC® Program

    Now more than ever, English proficiency is a necessity in the global work environment.

    Whether you are an individual who wants to stand out against the competition or an organization seeking to build a more skilled team or prepare work-ready students, the TOEIC® program can help you achieve your goal.

    As the industry leader, the TOEIC program has set the standard for assessing English-language skills needed in the workplace for more than 40 years. The TOEIC tests are the most widely used around the world, with 14,000+ organizations across more than 160 countries trusting TOEIC scores to make decisions.

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    The TOEIC Program

    Listening Reading

    TOEIC® Listening and Reading Test

    Assesses the English-language listening and reading skills needed in the workplace and everyday life

    Learn more about the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test

    Speaking-writing Writing

    TOEIC® Speaking and Writing Tests

    Demonstrate English-language speaking and writing proficiency in the workplace and everyday life

    Learn more about the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test

    Listening Reading

    TOEIC Bridge® Test

    Measures English-language proficiency for beginner to intermediate learners

    Learn more about the TOEIC Bridge Test

    Teaching, Learning and Test Preparation Resources

    The TOEIC program offers various teaching and preparation resources for the TOEIC tests. These resources support the success of test takers through both individual learning products aimed at test takers and products that support English-language teaching.

    For Test Takers For Organizations

    TOEIC Program Client Spotlight Series

    Learn how leading global organizations use the TOEIC program to enable better performance results and positive organizational impact. Read about their successes and find out how you too can benefit from the TOEIC program.

    View all spotlight stories

    The Language of Hospitality

    "We believe the TOEIC exam will effectively improve our employees' English-language skills, providing a solid foundation for China Southern Airlines’ international operations."

    Li Tongjiang,
    Vice General Manager of HR, China Southern Airlines

    Registration for Test Takers

    See test dates and times and learn how to register for your test.

    TOEIC Listening and Reading Test Registration

    TOEIC Speaking and Writing Tests Registration

    TOEIC Bridge Test Registration

    Order the TOEIC Tests for Your Organization

    Contact your local ETS Preferred Network (EPN) member to schedule a testing session at your location.

    Contact your EPN office

    TOEIC Research

    See how ETS's unwavering commitment to research helps support the quality of the TOEIC tests.

    Learn more

    Principles of Quality Assessments

    Watch this informative motion graphic video to learn about the underlying key principles of the TOEIC Program.

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