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    English Language Learning and Assessment

    ETS is committed to ensuring quality and equity in education for English learners (ELs) in the United States and around the world. Our research-based English Language Learning (ELL) products and services encourage learning, assess progress and measure proficiency.


    • TOEFL® Test — accepted by more than 11,000 educational institutions worldwide.
    • TOEIC® Tests — used by more than 14,000 businesses and organizations in 160 countries.
    • TOEFL ITP® Assessment Series — the world's leading on-site English-language testing program.
    • TOEFL Junior® Tests — designed to measure the English-language skills of students ages 11+.
    • TOEFL Primary® Tests — designed for students ages 8+ to shape young learners' English-language instruction.

    Skill-Building Tools

    In addition to test preparation resources offered for the TOEFL and TOEIC tests, ETS provides tools that will help evaluate and build the English-language skills of students, employees or individuals.


    ETS has built an extensive body of ELL research over the past 65 years. This foundation of knowledge helps us develop fair and valid assessments and improve existing assessments for both ELs and their teachers.

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