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    About ETS

    About ETS

    We believe in the life-changing power of learning. For the last 70 years, we’ve been driven by a vision of what’s possible when all people can improve their lives through education. It’s why our uncompromising commitment to equity and fairness is behind everything we do.

    Who we are

    Our employees are united in our mission to advance quality and equity in education. Read how in a message from our President, Walt MacDonald.

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    What we do

    Our research, assessments and learning solutions inform decisions and create opportunities for learners around the world.

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    ETS is committed to ensuring that our tests and products are of the highest quality, fair for all who use them and as free of bias as possible.

    Learn more about ETS’s commitment to equity and fairness

    Core Values

    Social Responsibility

    Our dedication to improving our communities is a big part of how we work together to achieve our mission.

    Learn more about ETS’s commitment to social responsibility

    Equity and Opportunity

    ETS supports fair and equal access to educational, learning and career opportunities for all.


    We uphold the highest standards for quality, delivering valid, reliable, timely and accurate information and service.


    We are steadfast in our commitment to do the right thing, the right way — every time and for everyone.


    We operate offices throughout the United States.

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    ETS subsidiaries deliver learning and assessment solutions around the world.

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    Put your passion for improving education to work.

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    Center for Advocacy and Philanthropy (CAAP)

    Through CAAP, ETS coordinates its efforts in advocacy, philanthropy and employee volunteerism and giving.


    Are you committed to improving education through assessment around the world? If so, you could become a part of our team!
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